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How to login to the Admin console?

I have installed Openfire 3.8.1 on Ubuntu 12.10. After installing I start Openfire and the start setup with the browser using The setup process starts and follows all the steps:

  1. Language selection: English
  2. Server settings
  3. Database settings: Embedded
  4. Profile settings: Default
  5. Admin Account: Current password (admin), Admin email (admin@example.com), New Password (), Confirm Password ()

Then a message is displayed stating “Setup Complete!

Next, if I try to “Login to the admin console” the Setup process starts over again and keeps in this loop.

But, I also tried Restarting the Openfire, after the initial setup is complete and before attempting to log in and it also didn’t work.

I have tried several times without any positive result and I am about to discard the use of Openfire unless someone could give me a solution to this situation.

Thanks in advance to any support.

can you use mysql databases ?

i am also using openfire 3.8.1 in ubuntu 12.4 and its working very well.

Check if user you are running the setup with (via browser) has the write permission on Openfire folder (usually /opt/openfire)

Thanks both for your support.

Finally I logged to the Admin console.

I had to completely remove Openfire and reinstall it.