How to make all users visible to Spark by default

Hi all,

I’m using LDAP and have my base DN listed which has no users immediately in that container. The way that AD was set up(before me) was to have many sub-OUs with OUs inside each one with Users residing there.

My question: Is there a way to make all users in the OUs automatically visible to a spark client without having to manually add each contact.

Might I be missing a setting or setup step or is this how openfire is supposed to function. I’m pretty new to openfire and we will be coming from an IBM Sametime environment.



You can use roster sharing groups.

quick and easy way…

Create a group in LDAP, and make everyone a member of it.

go into openfire under Users/Groups select Groups

find your group that you created and “Enable Contact List Group Sharing” Give the Roster group a name, and check “share group with additional users” and “all users”

Thats pretty much it.

Many Thanks!

speedy Indeedy!

That worked like a charm between AD and Openfire.

Now to figure out why my Spark user is not seeing it.

Had to log out of my mobile client as well as Spark