How to make data persist between Openfire upgrades

The version of Openfire that is installed in our environment is 3.6.2 and we are using it with the embedded database

I know that the import /export plugin will work with newer versions and I see documentation that it will permit persistance of buddy lists - but what about chat history? And what about my older version?

Is there any way I can upgrade my version of Openfire and keep my data (buddy lists, chats, group chats)?

I’m willing to go to lengths to do this: including coverting to MySQL for the upgrade (and hopefully, then covert back to embedded database without losing data), I just want to hear from people who have done this successfully. TIA!

You should be able to upgrade to 3.7.0 and all the data should stay intact. Of course, you should do a backup of your installation (just copy all Openfire folder) if something goes wrong.