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How to Make Group Chat History Settings with Show Entire Chat History instead of 30 messages

Hello there,

I am creating muc services on which, be default message history is 30 messages.

I want it to make Show Entire Chat History as default on every muc room service.

How can we achieve that ?

Why does setting that setting manually is not ok? Or do you have very many services? There is no default settings option for the service as usually people only have a few of them (most often just one).

Hi @wroot,

I want only one value show entire chat history as default. but that is done manually for every newly created MUC service. Is there any way to avoid manually setting?

When new MUC service created, default should be set as show entire chat history.
Is there any way to automatically set value as show entire chat history for newly created MUC service?

I think there’s some confusion, as we use the term ‘service’ differently.

The default setting that is used for every new group chat can be configured in the “Group Chat Settings” tab. Select the service that you want to change (by default, you’ll have just one, called ‘conference’).

There, you can change the history setting.


This setting will be the default for all new chatrooms that are created in the service.

Hi @guus,

I am working on multi-tenant application where one service for one tenant. If new tenant added then i needs to set default setting(show entire chat history) manually.
Is there any way to auto set to show entire chat history for new service?

I don’t think so. You’ll probably need to recompile Openfire with a new default in HistorySettings: https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/f105504b519e3af58d95c85076972ed65848cffa/xmppserver/src/main/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/muc/HistoryStrategy.java#L51

Changes in HistoryStrategy file and recompile causes customized openfire server.

If any changes comes in openfire server code then i will not able to get update from openfire admin panel.

I have tried xmpp.muc.history.maxNumber=100 in server properties but it always show 30.

Yes. But there is no other solution that would magically change that option and still make your server not custom.

That xmpp.muc setting is used only in sql scripts. Maybe only when database is created. Doesn’t seem to be a regular system property.

I guess there could be such option, that would set a default for all current and new services. If someone could provide a patch with such a feature.

But i wonder, do you really create like hundreds of services at a time and it is time consuming to go into settings and change that one option?

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