How to make HSQL openfire.log smaller?

I’ve noticed that even when there is no activity the openfile.log at HSQL Database Engine grows fast.

Is there some tweaks for a lower system resourses usage? Like disable server to server and http binding, would help?

Running on Windows Server 2003, Openfire 3.6.1HSQL Database Engine, and 15 PSI clients.

Any help would be appreciated.


did you install a Monioring plugin? It will write data to the database every minute.

In embedded-db/ you can change hsqldb.log_size=200 to hsqldb.log_size=20 - so the log file will have a max size of 20 MB. Do this while Openfire is not running.


Yes, I’ve installed the monitoring plugin. I’ll do the change to hsqldb.log_size=20.

After a long time openfire.script will be much larger than now, 1119 kb?


Hi Tyler,

1 MB is fine as far as I can tell. You can make a copy of it and open it with a random text editor to insepct it.