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How to make OpenFire Push Notifications plugin work?


At the moment I have a custom plugin of my own that uses third party libraries to send push notifications to iOS and Android but is a bit clunky and heavily customised. I read about OpenFire’s new Push Notifications plugin and it sounds pretty standard and decent.

I am trying to implement the Push Notifications plugin but not getting any clues on how to actually set it up and make it work. There must be a config to specify server key for Android and .p12 certificate for APNS, etc. I’ll appreciate if someone please share the necessary config/steps involved? I have recently upgraded to OpenFire 4.6.2.

Thanks & regards,

Hi Manish,

Openfire’s Push Notification plugin brings only one part of a multi-part setup that’s needed for push notifications to work. Specifically, the ‘owner’ of the client software (that expects notifications to arrive) needs to run a ‘push notification proxy’ server on its behalf. The entire process is defined in https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0357.html.

An example of a push notification proxy server is https://github.com/iNPUTmice/p2 - but others also exist.

Hi Guus,

Thanks for the response. I did try to read the specs but it gets too confusing at some point.

I think I’ll stick to my custom plugin for now but from a throughput perspective do you have a view on which solution will perform better - a) custom plugin that intercepts every message and try to find opportunity to send push notification through 3rd party services, or b) OF Push notification plugin with some proxy?