How to make openfire stable


for the first time when i install openfire using rpm command then browse it and i have to complete the instllation procedure.

my problem is everytime i restart my pc I always go back again or return again in the installation of openfire.

i am using linux.

any idea.


Permissions issue maybe. A user running a setup should have write permissions on /openfire/conf/ or maybe better the whole /openfire.

thanks for your reply

Well i set the permission the whole folder of openfire using this command chmod 777 /opt/openfire

What i observed is that if i reboot my pc the openfire wont work but i have to start the service using this command ./ start

the openfire will work again but still go back in installation procedure…

thanks and regard to all

Merry XMas

Any Idea.

What linux distro do you use? I’m doing a chown -R user:group /openfire so the user running the Openfire is the owner of all files in that folder. Then if you start the server with that user logged in and complete a setup, it should be able to save settings.

As about starting on a system startup. I’m not really familiar with the rpm. It probably depends on a linux distro. I’m using my custom deamon to start it automatically (Arch Linux).

Thanks for your reply.

I am using linux fedora8 and i am using dos mode not GUI.

Using putty program is to remote the server.

I am using root account if i do the chown to set the ownership

well i will try it first because Im not familiar with the chown.

To do so:

i just type this command:

chown -R root:root /openfire

is this correct?

thanks and regards

Merry Xmas

If you are using root user to run it, then there is no need to chmod or chown it. Though it’s of course not a welcome practice to run service with the root permissions.

So far i dont understand where the problem could be.

thanks wr00t for your reply…

well i’ll just try to avoid restarting of my server, if happen again, well i have to install again waaaaaaaaa.

but its okey because my database i always backup…

thanks and reagrds to all

Merry Xmas