How to make spark less annoying?

I’'m very glad to see that spark will now auto-connect, thank you so much for putting that feature in. Now, is it possible to make spark less annoying when it reconnects? I can care less that spark disconnected and it will reconnect in XX number of seconds. I just want spark to quietly go offline and then quietly reconnect. So, is it possible to tell spark to reconnect quietly like every other IM client out there?


as the current Spark version does not yet support an offline mode one may want to wait for the next release.


Spark reminds me of the little 4 year running around saying “look at me… look at me”. Whenever it does the slightest trivial thing, it feels the need to come to the foreground and flash.

I understand Spark my not technically have an offline mode, although I consider the times when it’'s not connected to be ‘‘offline’’.

What I’‘d like to see if for Spark to stay minimized when re-connecting, and also to stay minimized when it tries to do it’‘s initial connect and it fails for whatever reason (IE: Internet connection isn’'t established yet). Esentially, I want to never see Spark unless I have a message. Other than that, it should stay minimized and wait for messages (IE: Every other IM package in existance)

Also, on a side note… is it possible to set Spark to minimize to the system tray when I hit the minimize button? Tha’‘t be nice. I understand I can click to ‘‘x’’ to have it minimize to the system try, but I’'d like to have the minimize button do the minimizing to the try.

i thoguht that the whole point having the minimise button was to minimise it to the taskbar - like most applications such as Windows Live Messenger (please note, i only refer to this as i have experence only using Spark and the WLM)

So then maybe, would it be possible to have an option in preferences to allow the user to change the function of the minimise button in such applications as Winamp, outlook etc?; When the user hits Minimise, it minimises to the System Tray?

Personally, i find, when spark is flashing away saying that its trying to reconnect, i think that is a helpfull tool to say to me “theres something wrong” but i only suppose because i am the System Admin and not a user…