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How to manage external group chat component?

How to manage external group chat component in openfire management web?

I have found openfire admin web -> Group Chat -> Create New Service.

What is it for?

Is it for external group chat service?

What do you mean by external? Group Chat lets users or admins to create rooms where multiple users can chat at once (opposite of the private one to one chats). This doesn’t mean those rooms are external or somehow accesible from the Internet if that is what you mean. For Openfire to be accessible from the Internet you have to configure your network (firewalls, routers, dns records) to let external connections into your internal network.

I mean that use external component for group chat such as palaver.

Palaver is a group chat component.

If so, can I manage palaver component such as room creation in openfire admin web?

And, What is “Create New Service” of “Group chat” for in admin web?

No, you can’t simply add another component/software as a group chat service. Unless you modify the source and make it working. “Create New Service” creates new group chat service on the Openfire service. By default there is only one such service, but you can have multiple with separate sets of rooms, settings.

Thank you for reply.

I think that openfire admin web have to be able to manage external component for group chat.