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How to manage links with spaces


Is there a way to write links with spaces such as \server\my location\with a lot of spaces in spark ?

I looked in the forum, bug tracker, documentation but nothing…

Thanks for your answer,



I would like to be able to link to network locations and I have the same issue, namely that spaces break the link. Is there anyway around this?

If you try to google “spaces in unc paths” you will find a lot of frustrated folks using various software (Skype, etc.). UNC hasn’t been designed with spaces in mind. Spark doesn’t catch them either. There should be some mechanism to do this (like Insert a link button), because Spark won’t be able to recognize which space is in text and which one is in a link. There is no way around it in the current Spark version.

Have you checked if %20 works?

It doesn’t.