How to mark message as read in smack java

I am using Openfire chat server and Smack java API to build a chat application. In that I will display notifications in a html page as drop down.

In this what I would like to do is if a user clicks an notification from drop down I need mark that as read message and I don’t want to show the notification again to him. Is it possible to do this in java using smack API.


I have menu icon for notifications in my html page in which i will display all the notifications received.

in which clear notification button will be provided for each notifications and overall one clear all notifications will be displayed.

In that if a user selects to clear a particular notification that notification message should not displayed again.(it can either be deleted or marked as displayed so those will not be displayed again)

Same applies to clear all button where all notifications will be deleted or marked as displayed.

Is there a way to do it in smack.

I mean i will display the message to the user once the selects to not to show that again i will again have to go and find out that message in the room(multi user chat).and mark that message as dispalyed or delete that message.