How to massively edit users rosters?

I run in this problem: I cant use shared rosters (due to reported bug) so I want to massvely edit rosters.

I use LDAP…

I tried to use Import/export plugin but it didnt work in 3.5.0 (said that he imports it correctly but it didnt do nothing)

So… does anybody know how to edit users rosters? Editing database? XMPP messages?

Its the last step for me to really step into enterprise testing circle… so fast and easy solution good solution

Nobody run through this kind of need?

I dont want to add them by my hands…I have 800± users

can you provide more specifics as to what you mean by edit user’s rosters. If you are using LDAP you should be able to create the groups you want in your LDAP and share those groups via openfire to people’s rosters. A very simple process to be sure.


due to “Phantom User” problem which affects Openfire in the way I cant use shared groups, I seeking for another way how to edit users rosters. This bug should be fix in 3.6.0 (now out is only 3.50).

With edit I mean addind roster items in it with specified group and subscribe status.

The Import/Export plugin dont seem to work. It says it done it well but no effect anywhere or anything in logs.

So my main question is if I use MySQL (or embedded on test server) could I somehow edit users rosters there? I really dont want to end with assigning all users items manually.

Truly I can leave adding contacts on users but my boss wants to have them there prepared as our users log in.

How many Phantoms do you have? How many users in total? What is your LDAP server? I don’t know of any method to manipulate rosters for and LDAP setup except via the built in sharing function. In theory you could import the info directly to the SQL database.

Total users ~800

Phantoms ~20-50 (but in core groups)

LDAP is AD (on win 2000)

One task I run is to push our AD admin to set new groups for me (just for “jabbeeg” ) Becouse I quite starting to know what cause “Phantom User” in my setup.

Its group being member of other group which end that openfire thinks it is non-existing user and the results are badly read groups (for example in group INF (~40 users) I got 4 missing + 2 badly read).

I looked in the database and I saw that something about rosters there is but I dont know the database model or how the fields are used.

Openfire definitely does not like groups that contain groups. I did setup groups specific for my server. I did not get any phantoms with that.

Ok, our AD admin edited the shared group so now there is no group in group. But Phantoms are still present

We will try some more magics with AD (like upgrading AD from win2000s to win2003s) and I will try to report progress.

But why Im writing: can user manually import his roster via client (Pandion)from xml file?

Or to be more specific: when I use LDAP can it disable importing users to roster?

LDAP does not prevent a user from manually adding or changing their roster. You can publish groups to their roster but they ultimately have control of their roster.

If you are using Pandion, just modify it so users cannot add users/groups. I am using a HEAVILY modified pandion thet has neutered any customization of ones roster. it is an easy mod and just requires that you comment out a couple of lines of javascript