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How to migrate database from JM2.3.1 to JM2.4.0 winth SQL

Hi, i have JM2.3.1 running on slackware 10.2, 3GHz processor and 4GB ram.

I got problems cause i have 1202 users, problem is when sessions increase up to 1000 users, the servers crashes, did not respond and have to restart.

I prepared another server JM2.4.0 on windows2003 server and create a database on a SQL server, i made the installation, but, how can i export my 1202 users database to the new server keeping their entire configuration?

Hope can help. Spanish help could be better…Thanx…


did you take a look at the Export/Import plugin http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jsp ?

Maybe you need to request an old export plugin for 2.3.1, looking at http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=109594 this should be possible.


Hi Victor,

Are you currently using SQL Server for your 2.3.1 installation? If so, you could just point your new 2.4.0 installation at your existing database and it will update the tables for you.

Or, as LG said, if you want to use the import/export plugin let me know and I can provide you with an older version that works with 2.3.1.

Hope that helps,


Hi LG and Ryan:

Im not using SQL with JM2.3.1, in fact, thats the problem that im changin the entire service, i had read in this forum, that the jive’'s database does not support a large users DB. First, i prepared a new server, wildfire 2.4.0 and created a SQL database, the connection beetwen the servers is working. This is the configuration i want to do.

My first step was prepare a wildfire server using his properly db, copied the jives db and rename the files and works. But servers crashes just like jm2.3.1

i have a backup of db, deleted 602 users and cant export file anyway to import to the sql.

Thats the problem i have, what can i do to transfer the DB to the new wildfire server with sql ?

Thanx a lot.

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so you are using the embedded database?

It should be no huge problem to run embedded-db/wildfire.script against another database server, one wants to add some ‘’;’’ and some '‘commit;’'s.

I think the DDL (hopefully within the first 30 lines) must be adjusted because there are minor differences, eg VARCHAR(32) -> NVARCHAR(32) and so on - see resources/database/wildfire_*.sql for details.

The new Wildfire Server 2.4.1 uses 25 instead of 10 internal connections to the embedded database, this could also help.


Hi Victor,

Since you’'re moving to a new database what I would recommend you do is download the user import/export pluign for Messenger 2.3 from here:


install it and export your users. Then download the user import/export plugin for Wildfire from here:


install it and import your users.

Let us know how it goes.



Hi guys, i tried with new plugins and can backup the database, but, using wildfire and tried to import sends a message indicating that schema is diferent, anyway already finish to add all users to new server winth SQL, think this will be better for new server upgrades.

Thanx a lot.