How to migrate from embaded database to mysql

Dear All

I am running my wildfire server using embaded database and want to migrate into mysql i have latest version of wildfire installed at both end.

In other word how should I use/tranfer user data from wildfire.script to mysql.

please guide me .

Thanks in advance.

Shahzad Abid

I’'ve not tried it, but if you have an sql dump of the embedded db, maybe you could just use the mysql source command to import it.

Another thing I spotted recently that may be of interest is the embedded-db-viewer you can launch from

wildfire\bin\extra\embedded-db-viewer.bat (well at least on Windows).

This seems to have a GUI that allows manipulation and dumping up the embedded-db.

Anyway, I hope somone who knows what they are talking about has a more complete answer your question


Hi Shahzad,

Another approach would be to use the User Import/Export plugin. With the plugin you can export your users (and their contact lists) from your current Wildfire installation to an xml file and then import them into your new installation that uses MySQL.

Hope that helps,


Did you ever accomplish migrating wildfire from its embedded DB to MySQL?

if so, how were you able to do it?

would you do it the same way given a 2nd chance?

were there any performance gains?

I fininsed that work from embedded db into mysql migrating…but not easy…

look at this article…

I used two ways…

  1. User import and export pluggin…(this plugin doesn’'t support group info backup)
  • just use this plugin to backup jiveUser info…
  1. run wildfire/bin/extra/
  • backup other tables without jiveUser with sql statement(select * from …)

I moved with this 2 ways…