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How to migrate from one server to another?

I have an existing 3.3.2 install running on a Windows 2000 server. This server’s hardware is getting a bit dodgy and I want to migrate the OpenFire server to another piece of hardware.

Are there any how-to’s or guides on how to migrate from one server to another and transfer all my settings, etc?



Hi Michael,

there is no migration guide … as there are a lot of configuration options and migration options. There is the User Export/Import plugin which may be fine if you don’t care about MUC logs and server settings.

So you may want to answer some questions and offer as much information as possible to get good advices.

Are you using LDAP?

Are you using the embedded database a remote database or a local database?

Do you also need help in moving the database content?

Which is your target OS? Windows 2003?


Sorry yeah I should have posted this stuff with my question.

I am running on Win2k server, and will be migrating to Win2k Server.

We are using the embedded db.

We use Active Directory to authenticate users and sort them into groups.

I don’t think we store any data (historical, logs) but I’d like to be able to migrate all the settings and such so I don’t have to fiddle (again) with configuring this.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Michael,

the initial configuration (LDAP settings and database selection) is stored in “%programfiles%\openfire\conf\openfire.xml”, so you need to copy this file to your new installation.

Copy also the “%programfiles%\openfire\bin\openfire.vmoptions” if you did create one to your new server.

To get all the stored data like rosters, private data (Notes, Tasks, …) and a few MUC logs (the last 30 lines) just copy the contents of the “%programfiles%\openfire\embedded-db” folder to the new server.


Copying over the embedded-db folder from the old to the new seems to have convinced my new installation that it has the old server’s name. Nothing I tried to change that worked.

I think I will just take the hit and uninstall it from the target server to get rid of all the settings, reinstall and run through the initial configuration again.



Hi Michael,

not sure why you want to change the server name, one should keep this one. Otherwise all clients need to know the new name.

Stop Openfire, edit the files in embedded-db and replace all occurrences of OLDDOMAIN with NEWDOMAIN, start Openfire and the new domain name is set, also within all rosters.


Maybe I’ll try that - the reason I need to change the name is the server I’m moving to does other things, and its more painful to change the name for those other services. Plus we are not a big shop.

I suppose I could make a DNS alias after the switchover once the old machine is retired…


Might I suggest adding an additional NIC to the new server and then providing a new entry in dns for that NIC.

I dont suppose there’s a way to use Active Directory for users and authentication, but leave the grouping in the Roster Lists inside the OpenFire server? We have a bazillion groups and I’d prefer to just manually create local roster groups and sort users that way.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

That can not really be done on the server. The Spark client however can use both local and server based groups. I created one AD group that contains all employees and and shared that via Openfire for everyone. Users can then create their own groups in Spark to organize users how they would like. Otherwise you need to manage groups via AD.

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