How to migrate users from 3.71 to 3.93?


Am trying to migrate all users to the new server with v3.93

Did an export users at server with v3.71 to a file

Then try importing said file at another server with v3.93 but have not been successful.

In our 3.71 environment, we have groups (70 of them) and user population of 1300.

Users can be member of more than one group.

Any advice for above appreciated.



I’m having trouble migrating from the save version to 3.9.3 as well. See my other recent post, but we’re using LDAP. Haven’t solved it yet.

What database are you using? Why do you want to export users and not use the same database and upgrade to 3.9.3, or connect to the same database from a fresh 3.9.3 installation? Openfire should handle (ideally) the database upgrade during the first startup.

Hi wr00t

Database - MySQL

Thought it would be cleaner to just export from the older and import to the new

  1. since we will be using another hardware.

  2. we are not retaining the conversations, just want the users and groups as per the old



Export plugin hasn’t been updated for a long time, so it may not be working correctly. It is also only exports users. I think you are better with using old database than exporting and importing limited data.

  1. How is hardware related? Do you mean you want to install MySQL on a new server. I think there is tools to dump databases and import it to a new installation.

  2. Using your database tools you can drop tables with the conversations.