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How to move Openfire to another server?

I have installed a Openfire server to a computer A, the IP is, server name also is,so the user address is user@

Now I want to move the openfire to another server B, IP is, And I like the new user address is user@abc.com.

How to do it but not delete all the users and rosters? Use user import and outport to save all users to xml file and the search and replace to abc.com, then import it to new server? I do not know if it can do.


search and replace the roster and then told users to use new name (user@abc.com) to login?


changing the xmpp.domain within the server and the database / rosters should be fine for 99%. If you have MUC history or offline messages in the database you may need to change the server name also there.


Thanks, I will have a try.