How to permit the creation of custom groups when using LDAP as user/group repository

Recently, I have installed Openfire 3.5.0 using LDAP as the repository for users and groups.

I have created some shared groups but I want that the users wolud be able to create custom (personal) groups.

I have read some of the community posts and I have understood that I have to activate a user permission to do that (as mtstravel said in but, using LDAP, I can’t edit the users details.

May I use an LDAP attribute to do that? Maybe a system property?

Thanks in advance.

A user can create their own groups within their client in addition to the ones you have shared. For instance I have created a group called *S2S Contacts. I am bound to AD LDAP and have 10+ shared groups. These personal groups are not replicated to the server for all users to use. They are only available to the user that created them. If you want to add a contact from one of your shared groups to the personal grooup you need to either right click the user and choose the Copy To option or manually add the contact by right clicking the group’s name and choose add contact.

Thank you for your fast answer mtstravel, but it does not work for me.

As you have said, I can create the group using that method but when the user logs out and log back in the custom group dissapears. It’s the same problem that is described in and, in that thread, you posted the last messages and say " Users need to be

midfule to create custome groups with names that are unique from those

on the server". What does it mean?


That means that they can not create a custom group with the same name as a shared group. It will merge them together.

Do you have private data storage enabled on the server (not that you should need this). The only reason you would not be able to preserve the groups between launches is if the settings are not being saved. This could indicate a settings issue on the local machine. Does an full admin on the computer have the same issue?

After reading this other post ( I have done some tests, with these results:

  • Using Psi, I can’t create a custom group because Psi haven’t a function to copy a contact and when I move it to the new group and logout and log back in the new group have dissapeared. Adding the contact again in a new group doesn’t work.

  • Using Spark, I haven’t found a direct way to copy a user to a new group because the copy function permit to choose an existing group but not to create a new one. But, if I choose to add the contact again I have the option to create a new group but really I don’t add the contact now, just create the group. Afert that is possible to copy the user to the new group and it works.

Thank you very much fo your help.


The answer to your last question is yes. All the test have been done with an admin account.

Having solved the problem for Spark I’ll try to get it work for Psi because we have a large number of users using it.

Thank you again.