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How to prevent users from changing idleTime and idleOn

Is there a way, either through modifying something in spark.jar or through compiling my own spark installer, to hide the idleTime and idleOn prefences or ignore the values set by users?

I would like idle to always be enabled after 5 minutes, and sadly I must stay on Openfire 3.x.x because of the Asterisk plugin, so the 4.x.x client control plugin isn’t available to me.

Openfire 4.x brings some fixes and security patches to it. you should upgrade if you can. you may try this version of the asterisk plugin against 4.x I “think” it should work…I don’t recall what version I last tested it on. Changed jobs a while ago, and haven’t gotten around to installing asterisk to test.

https://community.igniterealtime.org/servlet/JiveServlet/download/251210-27778/a sterisk-im.rar

Thank you! Asterisk-IM 1.4.1 uploaded and started, I’ll check it out to make sure it works beyond that.

Unfortunately now that I got the latest openfire to test with, I don’t see a way to manage the idle settings like I had thought I could with the client control plugin. It seems limited to the settings that can be modified within spark.jar, so I still need a way to set idleTime and idleOn and prevent the user altering.

Found this old thread where someone may have figured how to do this. can anyone confirm? File path and line numbers are different.

Custom Build Ques: stop spark from reading some settings from spark.properties?

The path hasn’t changed Spark/LocalPreferences.java at master · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

The line however is 198 now. Can’t confirm that this change will do what you want.

I ended up editing and rebuilding the spark.jar file (as mentioned in my previous post) and then pushed it out using a gpo. This way i don’t need to build a new msi/exe file. Seems to work as expected.