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How to purchase licence and how much its cost for modification and redistribute purpose?

I aware its under Apache 2.0. (open source)
But in licence agreement I found for changes and redistribute need to purchase licence. So please guide me how to purchase licence and how much it cost.

Thanks in advance.

Can you point where exactly have you find a mention in the license that you have to purchase something?

Please read this license.

In bottom they clearly saying about to purchase licence.

I have already looked through this and can’t find anything. Can you paste that part here?

Am new here And Am not that expert can Please read point 9 that will clear your doubt.

I am developer i want to modify some features requirement according. So in point 9 they mentioning to pay some fees. Please let me know. Can i modify or add some new features my according.

the upload size is 5mb only. (Need to Change)

Chatroom join should only join by Nick name(this feature have bugs).

The chatroom search filter comes with maximum user entered in room (new filter implementation)
There are many things i wanted to work on.
Can i modify them and use without worrying about any legal action in futures.

This is an unmodified standard Apache license. And it says that YOU may ask for money from your clients when you give them modified software, but then only you will be responsible, if it doesn’t work correctly for them. You don’t have to pay anyone to do modifications :wink:

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Thank you sir for clear my doubts. :slightly_smiling_face: