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How to rejoin an existing an MUC Room as owner?

I am trying to rejoin an existing MUC room as owner. How do you do that?

The scenario is:

  1. create room with nickname “admin” (default becomes the owner)

  2. user A joins the room with nickname “A”

  3. user B joins the room with nickname “B”

  4. user A and B are exchanging messages.

  5. “admin” (owner) abruptly exits the chat room

  6. “admin” tries to join the room with nickname “admin”. The call is success but he is no more owner of the room.

  7. Try to destroy the room with “admin” connection. It fails with forbidden (403)

After “admin” joins back after leaving abruptly, I am not able to destroy the room.

Can someone help?

Nickname and JID are two different thing. Instead of nickname, if i use the same JID, I am able to successfully join as “owner” and able to destroy the muc room.

Thanks for the support.