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How to remove the prefix "ignite" when we add a user (for example: "john@ignite.conteso.com")

Hi Openfire team,

Recently, our company(conteso1.com) has acquired another company(conteso2.com). Hence, we have configured the Server-to-Server Connectivity between two ignite servers located at each domain for IM-Chat services.

The hostnames of the two ignite servers are as follows,

  1. ignite.conteso1.com

  2. ignite.conteso2.com

Further, when we add a user of another domain(conteso2.com) in spark from conteso1 domain, we give the entry in ‘Add contact’ field as "john@ignite.conteso2.com".

Now, i would like to know, if there is any possiblity by which we can avoid the prefix “ignite” in the domain part of the user id (i.e) “john@ignite.conteso2.com”

Please make a note that we have configured Openfire with Microsoft AD at both domains.

WIth Best Wishes,

A. H. V. K Mouli

If you can setup Openfire and the clients again this is easy. You may want to use DNS SRV records for the xmpp protocol and use “conteso1.com” / “conteso2.com” as the Openfire domain. If you need more info about SRV records you may search for “xmpp dns srv” with for example Google or Bing.