How to? Restrict nicknames to match JID in group chat (possible?)

Using Openfire 3.5.2 as server

Psi 0.11 as client

I have created a few group chat rooms, and must restrict the changing of nicknames. The following options are what I believed needed to be set:

checked “Make room member’s only”

unchecked “allow occupants to change nicknames”

set "Show Real JIDs of Occupants to: " to “Anyone”

When a user enters the room, that user is unable to change their nickname (either through “/nick newnick” or otherwise… ) which is the functionality I want. However, using psi (or even other clients) it is possible to set the user’s nickname at the time of joining the group chat. So a user with a JID of Fred@xmpp.openfire.whatever, for example, could enter the room as Bob. Once he is in the room as Bob he is uname to change the nickname again, but I would like to prevent users from entering with mismatched nicknames.

Is this possible?

Hey r-culpepper,

You might want to use the Only login with registered nickname feature to force people to use their registered nickname at the time of login.


– Gato

I did try this, but I didn’t seem to work as I expected (or should I say desired?).

When I check that option, I am unable to login any user to the room. I assume this is because I have not registered any users to the room. I’m not sure how to register users to the room…

Beyond that, though, is there any other way to force nicknames so we wouldn’t have to register each new user to the rooms they need to join?