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How to run HTTP Bind on port 8080 instead of 7070?

Port 7070 is block in my network under HTTP Bind Settings i change to 8080 but it doesn’t work. I tried stop, restart but nothing. Is there any where i shold change to use 8080?

I’m running 3.8.1


When you restarted did Openfire log any errors?

Is something else perhaps listening on 8080?

No, I can’t see any log under Log Viewer. there no error there. it’s empty.

Any help please?

DId you check the logs on disk? Did you verify with netstat (or whatever is appropriate for your OS) that something else is not using 8080?

if you want help, you’re going to have to post more detail so we don’t have to guess.

Thanks David for your replay again. Yes, i checked port 8080 using netstat(I’m running ubuntu 12.04) and nothing uses 8080.

I installed Openfire under /opt/ and there is no log file and there is nothing via admin consol.

Please let me know you need any specific detail.