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How to run my compiled openfire as a system service?

Hello, recently I use eclipse build the wildfire source successfully, and according to my own requirement I also made some changes. But I meet a problem, how to make my-compiled wildfire run as a system service. Can you give me some instruction? Thanks.

And my system platform is windows server 2003.

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Still Waiting for answer.

Hi Cap,

I’‘ve never tried to create an openfire.exe but if you look at the “installer” target in the Openfire build.xml file you’‘ll notice that in order to build the exe files you’'ll need to have Install4j installed.

What sort of changes did you make to the source? Typically, (if possible) it is better to alter the behavior of Openfire through the use of plugins to avoid the problem that you’'re running into.



Ryan, thanks you.

Plugin? I had not thought about that, because I began my java course with studying OpenFile source. And from now on, I will resort to plugins to solve my problems.

In specifically, I don’t mean to get an installer, I just want to my compiled openfire run as a system service. Ryan, can you tell me how? Thank you!


did you already install Openfire as a service using the public installer? If not you may want to do this.

Then it should be enough to replace the jar files in the lib directory with your new ar files.