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How to run openfire.exe minimized at Windows startup?


currently I have openfire.exe in my Windows server autostart. The problem is it starts with it’s window open. I would like it to autostart with WIndows being hidden/minimized, because sometimes happens a remote VNC user that logs in to the server closes the window quiting the openfire.

Thanks for your help.


I suggest installing Openfire as a service Openfire: Installation Guide (Windows Service part). There are programs like RBTray which may make a program to start in tray, even if the program doesn’t support this. Maybe one of such programs can help, if you really want to run it via launcher.

I have tried to. I have succesfully installed and started the openfire-service, but none of XMPP clients saw server working. They were unable to connect. Maybe there was something more that I should do?

I have solved the problem with the service. Ports: 5222, 5223, 9090 were not added to Windows’ Firewall exceptions.

So far only openfire.exe was added as a program exception. That is why it worked and service didn’t work.

Thank you.