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How to run openfire in multiprocessor system efficiently?

Hi everyone,

When I run openfire in a machine, which is consist of 4 processor and increases the number of concurremt user, I found that load of one processor is increasing. Is there any way to configure openfire or how can I make openfire run in such kind of machine such that load of openfire should be distributed by all the processor of the system.

Is this features working in clustering or not.I have checked with the open source openfire-3.6.2, which is not working in multi processors.I am waitng for replay …please help.

I think it is not Openfire, but Java (which is based on) is not able to use all processors.

I dont think clustering will help to cope with bigger load. Connection Managers are more suitable in this case as they take some part of load from the main server.

Make sure to use latest version of Java. That is Java 6 (6_14). I think that you were using Java 5 which is not as fast as Java 6 and might not be as smart as Java 6 regarding multi processors.

– Gato