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How to save chat history?


I am working on a Flex based jabber client (open fire3.4.3) and IM gateway (1.2.1),

I am not getting any way to save the chat history of one on and multiuser chat as well.

Message Archiving preference query :-

*<iq type='get' id='pref1'>
       <pref xmlns='http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0136.html#ns'/>

It return me error code =503, service unavaillable.

Is there any other way around to enable this service.

Please help me with this, this is bothering me from days

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



In server settings there is an option that calls message audit police, if you enable her guards a log of the conversations, is it what you want?

If this option at the time do not be arranged you have to mount the plugin!!