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How to search all the online user?

Hi, guys,

i want to find out all the online users , and display it in my client,

but i don’'t know how to do it.

thanks a lot.

my server is wildfire.

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why do you post it here?

Do you want to write a SparkPlug to do this?

You can search for all users using a client using the default search service but not for online users as this violates the privacy. You’'d probably need a server plugin which offers such a feature, just like on the /user-summary.jsp web admin page. Or you could deploy another search service / plugin which only returns online users.

Maybe you want to use admin commands via XMPP (like described in JEP-xxxx and JM-yyy).


I’‘m sorry, but I don’'t know how to move this post to a correct category.

thank you for your answer.


you can’‘t move your thread, it’'s no problem to post here but you may get much more responses in the Wildfire or Spark forum. Anyhow I hoped that my answer did help you a bit.