How to see status of other phones?

I finally have Openfire, Asterisk-IM, and Spark playing nice together. At least for one user, me. Now I want to add the other 7 phones to Spark so I can see their status. I created a second user in Openfire and created a phone mapping in Asterisk-IM for it, exactly like I did for me. In Spark I added that user as a Buddie but it always shows “Pending”. That username will never log into Openfire because it is just a phone, not an actuall user/computer. What am I missing?

You’ll need to allow log in as that user to ‘accept’ the buddy invitation. Alternatively, you can automatically add users to people’s roster through shared rosters.

Worst case, log in, accept the invitation, go on your merry way.


OK. I logged in as each user (phone) and accepted the invite. Now when I log into Spark as me, all of them disappeared down into the “Offline” group. That is not going to help me! All I was trying to do was watch the status of the other phones. There will never be any “users” with Spark at those locations, just a phone. I was hoping for a way to see the status of each phone from my desk.