How to send message to a AD-group when using the perl xmpp lib?

i’m using such script:


use strict;

use Net::XMPP;

use encoding ‘cp1251’;

my ($recip, $msg) = @ARGV;

if(! $recip || ! $msg) {

print 'Syntax: $0 <recipient> <message>\n';



my $con = new Net::XMPP::Client();

my $status = $con->Connect(

hostname => 'hostname',

connectiontype => 'tcpip',

tls => 0);

die(‘ERROR: XMPP connection failed’) if ! defined($status);

my @result = $con->AuthSend(

hostname => 'hostname',

username => 'user@local',

password => 'pass');

die(‘ERROR: XMPP authentication failed’) if $result[0] ne ‘ok’;

die(‘ERROR: XMPP message failed’)

if ($con->MessageSend(to => $recip, body => $msg) != 0);

print ‘Success!\n’;

Is it possible to send message to a AD-group?