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How to send messages to multiple recipients without using contact groups

Issue: We have Spark installed at work and everyone is in a global / company group for organisational broadcasting. Everyday I need to send messages to small groups of people and these groups vary each time I send a message. For example, I may need to send a message to Jim, Tom, and Harry at 10am and a message to Tom and June at 11am and then another message to Harry and June at 12pm. This goes on all day every day.

I could create contact groups but then I would need a contact group for every possible combination of employees and from what I understand you cannot delete contact groups and each recipient receives their message multipled by the number of groups they are in (that is, if you belong to six contact groups and I send a message to one of these, you receive that message six times).

We previously used an IM client called ICQ and this had the ability to select multiple recipients for each message; that is, a group was only created temporarily for a specific message.

Does anyone have any ideas on resolving this issue?

If you click on Tom, then Ctrl click on any other people you want to send a message to, then Right click and click on Send a Message, it will allow you to send a broadcast message just to those selected recipients.

Excellent thanks for your reply - it seems so obvious now that you say how.


I’'ll also be adding a new broadcasting feature after the release of 2.5. Basically along the lines of checkbox trees to select/deselect individuals and groups. I wanted to get it in for 2.5, but too late in the release cycle.