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How to send SMS using GTalk Related APIs


I’ve been using Smack as my custom GTalk client application development.

Recently GTalk has introduced an option to send sms to Mobile Numbers, restricted to USA as of now.
I would like to know if there is a support in Smack APIs for this feature? I would really love to see this feature.


Ravi Rao

I think I am little late on this, sending SMS will involve 2 task for you, one convert the text message to SMS pdu mode using a java program, two redirect it to particular mobile no through some gateway. Gateway part is depends on your company, to whom they deal with like vodafone etc. mobile no you can get from users profile… then these two things you can put as a plugin to your application or Smack, and I done think Smack need to have this SMS feature coz SMSing is not part of XMPP