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How to set a user as an admin?

I’ve got an Openfire server running on my Linux desktop to provide a proof-of-concept instance for the dev & it groups to play with and evaluate. I managed to set it up using our companies AD server for users, which is one of our requirements. I set myself as an admin user when I installed and can still access the admin panel, but I can’t find any way to set other users as admins. Does such a page on the admin server exist, or is it turned off when I configured the server to use AD? If it does exist where is it? If I need to have some setting changed in AD to grant admin privs, what is it? I only managed to find one old post that seemed to answer my question, but it talked about modifying a section in openfire.xml that does not appear in mine.



Change teh System Property, admin.authorizedJIDs in the Openfire admin website.