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How to set global custom status message for all transports?


I am using smack and openfire and i am loggedin as 11224@mydomain.com in to openfire and i have 3 registered transports logged in to openfire using kraken sucessfully.

Now i want to set a custom global status message like “Out for lunch” so that all the subscribed user in my all the trasports will get this message. I mean the users subscribed to my yahoo,gtalk or msn will see this message.

using smack i am doing the following.

Presence p = new Presence(Presence.Type.available);
p.setStatus(“Hello World”);


So the packet is sending out is like :

Hello World

But it’s not working.

Another problem is i am unable to set custom status messages for my transports except msn. I mean i am able to set custom status message for my msn transport and i am doing the same for yahoo and gtalk but not working.

I am doing the following and sending packet

Hello World

why it’s not working for yahoo and gtalk??