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How to set same password for every AD/LDAP authorization?

Hi everyone,

I am using Openfire as XMPP server for our company. We have AD for our users, so users can login from any computer.

Now, Openfire works with AD just fine. On the computers we have installed some modified open source xmpp client that asks user to enter username/password (server IP and other options are already specified in settings).

But, we need to modify our openfire in that way, that it will not compare password with the password in AD, but with another password that I can set, to make it possible to login with USERNAME of Windows’ session username and the password I set. So if user logins on the computer, xmpp client will not ask username from user, but directly will try to connect to openfire with the password I set. Something like Single-sign on, but with bad security.

I could try to search solution in openfire source code, but if there anyone who has faced such kind of problem? Or there are some better options to implement this.

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I just posted the same question before seeing yours - http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/50150

If I get an answer I’ll let you know, and hopefully vice versa :slight_smile: