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How to setup different JID domain than servername?

Hello - Wildfire 2.6.2.

I’'d like to setup my JID domain to simply use @domain.com rather than @jabber.domain.com.

How do we setup a different JID domain vs. the servername in Wildfire?

Our desire could be considered similar to Google Talk - who uses username@gmail.com but server talk.google.com.

Thank you!

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Read about DNS SRV Records


I saw that - got it.

However, this doesn’'t tell me how to setup wildfire to assign a different JID domain than the server name. If I assign the servername jabber.server.com then it automatically names all the JIDs with jabber.server.com as well.

I think I realize what you’'re saying now. I could set our server to “domain.com” rather than “chat.domain.com”… then have our ns setup such as:

. 86400 CNAME chat.domain.com

xmpp-server.tcp.[domain.com]. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269 jabberserverhostname.

xmpp-client.tcp.[domain.com]. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5222 jabberserverhostname.

jabber.tcp.[domain.com]. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269 jabberserverhostname.

? is this correct ?

I’'ve put the “domain.com” and “chat.domain.com” within brackets.

Basically, I’'d like our users to show up as user@domain.com - which is a valid email address, rather than user@chat.domain.com - which is not - when talking to users on google talk, etc.

Let’'s say that your host name is “foobar.com” and the service is actually running on “jabber.foobar.com”. The entries would be:

jabber.tcp.foobar.com -> jabber.foobar.com:5269

xmpp-server.tcp.foobar.com -> jabber.foobar.com:5269

xmpp-client.tcp.foobar.com -> jabber.foobar.com:5222

Then, make sure that Wildfire thinks it’'s domain name is “foobar.com” in the admin console.



Oh man!

Just submitted a ticket for our managed host to add the NS records. Unfortunately they are unwilling to comply…

"We do not currently support SRV records on our name servers. One of the major reasons for this is that it is an experimental practice. From RFC 2052:

This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet community. This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.

As we are not able to add these you may want to use CNAMES or some other type of record instead. Please let us know how you would like to proceed."

Looks like we may be out of luck for now…

You might point out to them than RFC 2052 is obsoleted by 2782, which is not Experimental, but it, rather, standards track and Proposed Standard.


Thank you - I’‘ve added that to the ticket, I’‘ll keep you all posted if they’'re willing to comply!

Thank you again!

could I have some help on Windows DNS server for these settings?

Will it work if I only add these to my internal DNS records?

I’‘m fairly certain you’'d want it on your public DNS server as these records let the rest of the world know how to resolve a JID back to your jabber server.