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How to setup Groups and Registration with LDAP / AD


I just got my Wildfire / Spark working with LDAP using AD. I can login to Spark and it authenticates the user against Active Directory.

My question is now, how do users “see” each other in Spark? Is there some kind of automatic registration I can setup, so all users are added to a certain group?

I have read the documentation and I have added the registration plugin, but I am still unsure on how to do this.

Thanks for your help…

I have the same problem. I have 100+ clients in my office that are/were required to add contacts to their roster. Not pretty considering everyone had to accept everyone else’‘s invitation. I’‘m trying out shared groups. It’‘s a lot to set up administratively (I have to add the 100+ users to different groups) but it allows for the “auto-population” of a roster (kinda…). I wish there was a way to make shared groups out of AD security groups automagically. Maybe there is…but I can’'t seem to figure it out.


I dont use AD, but if the groups are in LDAP it should be possible. You just need to set your groupSearchFilter to an appropriate filter. Several others here use AD, perhaps one of them has it working and can provide an example. Otherwise, do you know enough about LDAP to provide some sample ldif outputs? I can help you write a filter that should work.

I just gave up on it…

Its just too much headache.

I am just setting up groups manually now, and not using LDAP.