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How to setup s2s with jabberd-1.4.2

i have a jabberd-1.4.2 server running, i’'m wondering if there is a way to setup the jivemessenger as the second server to test it.

What exactly are you trying to test? If you have one server set up with jabberd-1.4.2, and then set up another server with Jive Messenger 2.2.x, they should be able to talk to one another without any special configuration. Is that what you’'re asking?

i will migrate from jabberd-1.4.2 to jivemessenger.

what i want to do now is test a while jivemessenger. i want to remove some users from jabberd and put into the jivemessenger (about 100 from a total of 900). what should i do?

in the documentation/protocol-support.html it says: “Jive Messenger has full support for the XMPP Core specification (RFC 3920), except for the items listed below: S2S (RFC3920.10.2, RFC3920.8) – Server-to-Server (S2S) communication is not currently supported.”

is it possible? if so, how do i configure them?



The currently released version (2.1.x) of Jive Messenger does not have s2s support. You have to use the beta version (2.2.x) if you want users connecting to your server to be able to communicate with other Jabber users on other servers.


You may want to use the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp?plugin=userImportExport.ja r&showReadme=trueUser Import Plugin[/url] to import users into Jive Messenger.


– Gato

the problem is not to import, is to the 2 servers talk. i’'ll try with the beta version.

anyone knows what should i configure in the 2 servers?

Oi Rodrigo,

I never used jabberd1 so I cannot be of much help with that. You may want to read the url=http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/1.4/doc/adminguideAdministration guide[/url].


– Gato

i configured the options that is suposed to enable the s2s.

here is the jabber.xml

in the jive_messenger i put in the configuration:

server: im.ceara.gov.br

port: 2569

the telnet with one-another is working fine in the port 2569

i don’'t know what is wrong

Could you turn on the debug log and post the content after you tried sending messages from one server to the other?


– Gato


the debug in the jabberd

Fri Jul 22 07:53:41 2005 xdb.c:52 xdb_results checking xdb packet

Fri Jul 22 07:53:41 2005 mio.c:1198 io_select to listen on 2569

Fri Jul 22 07:53:41 2005 log.c:116 io_select unable to listen on 2569

20050722T10:53:41: (-internal): initializing server

Fri Jul 22 07:53:41 2005 deliver.c:474 DELIVER 3:-internal io_select unable to listen on 2569

Fri Jul 22 07:53:41 2005 deliver.c:678 delivering to instance ‘‘elogger’’

20050722T10:53:41: (-internal): io_select unable to listen on 2569

the debug in jive messenger

warn log

2005.07.22 07:56:06 Admin console listening at:

2005.07.22 07:55:59 Jive Messenger 2.2.0 Beta 1

2005.07.22 07:55:59 Multi User Chat domain: conference.

2005.07.22 07:55:59 Started SSL (encrypted) socket on port: 2511

2005.07.22 07:55:56 Started plain (unencrypted) socket on port: 2510

2005.07.22 07:55:56 Started server (unencrypted) socket on port: 2569

2005.07.22 07:55:41 Server halted

2005.07.22 07:55:41 Jive Messenger stopped

debug log

2005.07.22 07:56:09 Loading plugin userimportexport

2005.07.22 07:56:08 Loading plugin search

2005.07.22 07:56:07 Loading plugin registration

2005.07.22 07:56:07 Loading plugin contentfilter

2005.07.22 07:56:06 Loading plugin broadcast

2005.07.22 07:55:59 Loading plugin admin

2005.07.22 07:55:41 Stopping server

2005.07.22 07:50:27 Loading plugin userimportexport

2005.07.22 07:50:26 Loading plugin search

2005.07.22 07:50:26 Loading plugin registration

2005.07.22 07:50:25 Loading plugin contentfilter

2005.07.22 07:50:25 Loading plugin broadcast

2005.07.22 07:50:17 Loading plugin admin

the other logs are empty

any idea?

Oi Rodrigo,

Are you trying to run both servers in the same machine? The jabberd server is saying that it was “unable to listen on 2569” so if you are running both servers in the same machine you might be having a port conflict. If that is the case try moving one server to another machine.


– Gato

no, it’'s not.

the jabberd is and the jive is

i saw this message too, what could be happen?

My guess is that other application is already using the port 5269 where the jabberd server is running. You may use netstat to see if the port is in fact being used or if you are using Windows then you can use this fancy tool http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/TcpView.html.


– Gato

the 2 servers are slackware

the “netstat” or “netstat -nt” has no entry or the por 2569 (the port that is configured, instead of 5269). neither one of them have it.




I’‘m running out of ideas.:frowning: Since it is jabberd that is not being able to listen at port 2569, I would recommend posting that question to jabberd forums. It seems that this is not a port conflict so I don’'t know why jabberd is not able to listen at that port.


– Gato

i post in the jadmin list but have no answer

hoping for a good soul to help me…

the “netstat” or “netstat -nt” has no entry or the por 2569

Try ‘‘netstat -a’’