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How to setup SPARKWEB on Windows XP?

Hi All,

I would like to ask the basic setup or configuration on how to make it work

the SPARKWEB on Windows XP with OPENFIRE.

Please provide detailed info.

Thanks in advance.


Spark web needs to run on a web server. Although XP can do this it is not an ideal platform to host a website.

If you dont have a webserver with IIS you can install EasyPHP + Mysql.

I already installed IIS on XP but SPARKWEB still cannot accessed…

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

Well, you have a external IP ? (ex: 200.xxx.xxx.xxx)

I have put SparkWeb em my WebSite host


You can acess.

Yes I have External IP but I dont know how would I set it up using the SPARKWEB downloaded file.

Can you help me how to set it up on a step by step on Windows XP.

I already installed IIS on my XP.



just to be clear, sparkweb is not a chat server. it is a chat client to communitcat with XMPP servers.