How to share groups between servers?

Hi, I’‘ve been trying wildfire for a few monts and I think it’'s just wonderful…

I’‘m trying to share groups between servers, I’'m not using LDAP or anything difficult…

I just have my Suse servers working on different cities, and I have groups where I keep all the users splitted by departments… so here is my question: Can I share a entire group of 50 users with another server located at a different city, without adding remote users for each server?

I’‘m having the same issue. Even thought of creating local domain security group to include users from another group, but I’‘m having problems with DCs interoconnections. Two different forests, and I don’'t even think if it is gonna work.

Hey guys! Anybody knows how to do the subj?

May be there is better solution, but you can share all users between two servers. Setup them to use the same user database. Check Custom Database Integration Guide for details.

Sorry,. I misunderstood the subj

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But it does not apply to LDAP, right?

The guide says:

If your user information is available via an LDAP directory rather than custom database tables, see the LDAP guide.

Publishing s2s server groups will be amazing feature. Nowadays, it seems impossible to share 2 or more user databases across servers.

I have got some kind of solution for sharing groups!

OK, here you go:

  1. You MUST NOT use LDAP

  2. Install Subscription plugin

  3. Server - Subscription properties check “Accept - All”

  4. Create the group for example “Miami_Office” for different server users

  5. Now go inside this group and in add users type one-by-one:

user1@differentserver;user2@differentserver;user3@differentserver;userN@differen tserver

BUT NOW I have another problem, users appear as user1, user2, user3, userN and I want them to show their normal names like “User Smith”

Does anybody know how to do that?

Hey Vader,

Your solution is correct. While defining a shared group it is possible to add users from other servers but as you will see in the admin console there is a warning message saying that remote users should accept presence subscriptions. By using a plugin that accepts them is a valid solution as long as you can control presence subscriptions from undesired users.

As you noticed the server will show the JID of the user and not the name of the user. The server was prepared to handle that case but we never implemented it. If someone has some time to finish the implementation I would gladly give you some pointers.


– Gato

Sure! My goal is to finish the job by adding real names of users to the Roster.

And you said about the undesired users. I think the way to control them is white servers list in S2S settings.

Now, if I start to dig the question, what would be the right direction? Where should I start? I’'m using built-in HSQL databases on both servers.