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How to Spectrum IM support for OF [Alternativ for Kraken]

is the spectrum instance listed in the “Connected Gateway” table under Server -> Server Settings -> GoJara?

if it is successfully connected but not activated you should get a subscription request from every user on the remote roster.

maybe you could post some more informations. OF version? Spectrum 2 or 1? unix or windows?

Gadu-Gadu specific settings for spectrum:

You can use those variables in [purple] section in Spectrum config file.

Key: nick

Type: string

Description: Nickname

Default value: Gadu-Gadu User

Key: gg_server

Type: string

Description: GG server

Default value:

openfire 3.7.1


debian server

i can connect gg gateway but the user are not imported

i never configured gg gateway by myself. seems to be a problem with spectrum/libpurple backend.

maybe you could ask the guys from spectrum.im in their chatroom spectrum@conference.spectrum.im.

Hi holger,

Thanks for the great guide, worked fine =) Just needed a few changes for spectrum 2 but was no problem.

Two questions really.

Firstly, is spectrum@conference.spectrum.im the email address to request help? Or is there a chatroom somewhere? A bit confused about that.

Secondly, have you managed to have this working with twitter?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Gary Shergill

Hi Gary,

maybe you could tell me your changes to get it properly work with spectrum 2.

So others may also want to use it with spectrum 2.

spectrum@conference.spectrum.im is a xmpp mutli user chat room. If you already have a jabber account out there you should be able to join this conference room. (should also work with googletalk)

I am not using twitter so I have never tried to use it with spectrum. Seems to be a more spectrum related question. Maybe the guys from spectrum@conf… could help you getting it work.

Hi holger,

As of Friday, the website of Spectrum has changed (meaning the links in the original post have become obsolete).

I actually installed Spectrum on Wednesday on my own, but the new website basically details everything needed for Spectrum 2, as Spectrum 1 is no longer maintained.

The new links are below.


Ubuntu/Debian: http://hanzz.github.com/libtransport/documentation/installation/debian_ubuntu.ht ml

CentOS/Fedora/RHEL: http://hanzz.github.com/libtransport/documentation/installation/fedora_rhel.html

Gateway Configuration:


I installed Spectrum on the same server as the Openfire, was having some issues otherwise.

So for Openfire;

jid: This is the jid for the spectrum transport instance, e.g. msn.hostname.domain (msn.openfireserver.example.com).

password: External component password.

server: IP or hostname of the Openfire server (in my case

port: External component port (default is 5275).

Scroll down until you see the database option, and for a default install choose sqlite3


Database backend type

“sqlite3”, “mysql”, “pqxx”, or “none” without database backend

type = sqlite3

You also need to change the protocol, i.e. protocol=prpl-msn

As well as the type, i.e. type=msn

The name can be anything, e.g. Spectrum MSN Transport.

I think that’s everything… Make sure you save it to the right place.

Example command would be:

cp /etc/spectrum2/transports/spectrum.cfg.example /etc/spectrum2/transports/msn.cfg

Hope that helps.


Gary Shergill

Hi holger,

Forgot to mention, I managed to connect to the chat room using jappix and it’s ok.

Asking them about twitter now, hoepfully can get it working soon (Skype as well).

Thanks again…

Kind Regards,

Gary Shergill

Hi gary,

gojara is currently saving the contacts permanently to the users roster. That is not my preferred way. A non persistent handling for external contacts is already implemented in gojara but not active at all.

Therefore we need to manually pull the contacts from spectrum which is not supported yet.

But please be patient, we are working close together with the spectrum developers to support non persistent remote contacts as you konw from the kraken plugin.

That means: you did nothing wrong!

There is also an issue for that you might want to follow:


Hi holger,

Sorry, I deleted the post asking that question after HanzZ mentioned on the chat channel that it isn’t implemented on the Spectrum side and he doesn’t use a workaround.

Thank you for the reply, was thinking was from my side because it works on Kraken, glad to know it isn’t.

Good luck =)

Kind Regards,

Gary Shergill

Hey guys

we want to give you some updates about the current state of GoJara:

While there still remain some Issues we have not fixed yet, we also made some progress by working close with the Spectrum2 team.

I will upload a new version of GoJara with this post, it would be nice if somebody would try it out. If you encounter any bugs or you have any questions, please feel free to email me or Holger. We are in need of feedback, as we are just starting to test this with a bigger userbase ourselves.

Non-Persistant Roster should work now, also Users being in multiple Groups should not cause any problems. Spectrum2 currently has a small issue which results in some redundand traffic upon login, which could matter for Users with large Rosters. As Spectrum2 / GoJara is worked on nearly every day, this probably will be fixed in the next days / week.

            • important - - - - - - -

When you already have GoJara installed, you probably need to restart the OF-Server after deleting & / updating GoJara. We experienced some cases where Gojara would not correctly unload, which could be caused through this Issue http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-197

In this case multiple Instances of Gojara would run, producing unnecessary traffic.

We will try to find a workaround for older Versions, can’t give an ETA though.

I will use this thread for further updates until we have a better way to keep things up to date and provide answers, although the Guide and posts already sum up most of the needed Info.

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions. I’m also regulary in the Spectrum2 conference room, spectrum@conference.spectrum.im

How to use Acess-Restriction with Gojara

  1. If you did not already do it, create a Group at Users/Groups -> Groups -> Create new Group, for example ICQWhiteList.
  2. normally you dont want groupmembers to see other groupmembers, so disable contact-list group-sharing. http://www.m-i-u.de/images-i41219b5yrgg.jpg
  3. At** Server -> Server Settings -> GoJara** add the Group to the corresponding transport-whitelist & save settings. http://www.m-i-u.de/images-i41218bf8zca.jpg

The group should also show up in System-Properties:plugin.remoteroster.permissiongroup.$transport.

Now the transport should only be visible to groupmembers of whitelisted groups. You may need to restart your client.

If this is not working for you or you have any other Problems please feel free to contact us.

EDIT : We fixed a bug concerning Acess-Control, it should work now. New .jar in attachment.

First production day of GoJara and Spectrum.im has passed. Migration from Kraken was smooth.

Great work by Axel and Holger.

GoJara 2.0 is out, mainly a stability & performance update.

For updating to 2.0 please stop OF server, remove gojara.jar / gojara folder and put the new jar in plugins directory. From 2.0 on unloading works fine and there should be no problems anymore with updating it from the OF-Console plugin panel.

For whole changelog see http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-635


I have a problem in integration between Spectrum2 IM and Openfire.

I use Spark to login. As soon as I enter, I click the button to record the account msn, gtalk or whatever. He shows me an error:

“unable to register with transport”

what can be the problem?

Hi Holger,

Thanks for your details regarding integration of Spectrum plugin.

I am using Spark and Open fire’s latest version. Initially I used ‘Karken plugin’ to access and chat with external domains like Gtalk, Yahoo etc. and I was also able to connect with them and able send/recieve messages from Spark -> Gtalk account to other Gtalk users.

Unfortunately, I was not able to transfer the file using this plugin. I went through the details of Spectrum plugin but did not find any details related to file transfer.

Can you please guide me that is *Spectrum plugin *provide file transfer feature which is one of my need?

If not then is there any way to achieve file transfer from Spark (Gtalk,Yahoo) to other Gtalk account (considering at the other end user is not using Spark.)

Please Guide me.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Jigna,

unfortunately Spectrum2 does currently not support file transfer. If Kraken doesn’t support file transfer either, i don’t know if there is currently any Gateway(/ Plugin) that can do this.

Sorry :confused:

Regards, Axel

Hi Vinicius!

You would help me a great deal if you could send me the Spectrum2 logfiles (backend / transport).

Here is some info that can help you with this:

Logfiles are in** /var/log/spectrum2/**.

In this folder there is a folder for each gateway you configured in /etc/spectrum2/transports/.

To track the actual XML that is being sent, you should (i recommend this for debug purposes only) enable XML Logging. To do this set:

log4j.category.Component.XML = ON in /etc/spectrum2/logging.cfg

Please do the following:

  1. configure XML Logging

  2. delete current logfiles in /var/log/spectrum2/

  3. Now restart / start spectrum2, and try to connect to it with Openfire+Gojara until you get the error.

  4. Now there should be logfiles for spectrum2 and backend in the specific transport folder in /var/log/spectrum2/…

Please send me those logs via PM ( or via mail to axel.frederik.brand[at]kuehne-nagel.com ). If you want you can also join the spectrum@conference.spectrum.im chatroom, it might take a while but there we always try to help!

If you like you can also contact me via other messengers, ill send you my contacts in a pm.

Regards, Axel

I install spectrum 2 with 3 instance facebook, skype and msn (only for testing purpose). The spark client is not showing the skype or facebook transport. Only msn.

I am using

Ubuntu 12.04

Openfire 3.8.2

Spark 2.6.3

root@skype:~# spectrum2_manager stop
Stopping /etc/spectrum2/transports/skype.cfg: OK
Stopping /etc/spectrum2/transports/fb.cfg: OK
Stopping /etc/spectrum2/transports/msn.cfg: OK
root@skype:~# spectrum2_manager start
Starting /etc/spectrum2/transports/skype.cfg: OK
Starting /etc/spectrum2/transports/fb.cfg: OK
Starting /etc/spectrum2/transports/msn.cfg: OK


Hi Jose, Gojara is not officially tested with Skype / Facebook. We only use ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk/AIM/ + some other XMPP Protocols, i’ll try to set up skype in some time so maybe i will be able to help then.

Regards, Axel

Hi Axel… thanks for the quick response. Now I active MSN without problems. How can I add contacts from spark? I do not see the options.