How to SSO enable Smack/Openfire?


We are attempting to implement a chat web-client (using the Smack API) in our portal application (Oracle ADF/WebCenter). The client will have to communicate with an Openfire server. The portal is Single Sign On enabled via Oracle Access Management (OAM), based on Oracle Virtual Directory and Oracle Internet Directory. The WebLogic server uses an identity asserter plugin that reads the encrypted unique identifier of the user from a cookie and passes this value to the portal application. The cookie is set by OAM. In other words, the portal does not have access to the authenticated user’s password.

Does anyone have any experience in how to enable SSO in Smack/Openfire? We cannot use the regular login procedure of the Smack API (i.e. XMPPConnection’s login(user,password) method).

Thanks in advance.

– Niek

I’m also looking to find an example of how to utilise the SSO capabilities using the SMACK API

Have SSO configured and working with OpenFire and Spark, I now want to integrate my own client into a portal application using SSO


Does anyone accomplish this??

My smack app is running in Liferay + CAS (Central Authentication Service + SPNEGO for SSO) + Linux, but I don’t know how to get logged on openfire without retype client password.

On client machines spark client is running ok with SSO.



I am getting into the same situation. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Smack developers help please!! Or just say “No, smack doesn’t support/Yes, it does support and please provide API call”.

Thank you very much.