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How to submit suggestions for features or enhancements?

how to submit suggestions for features or enhancements?

for spark and for wildfire

This is the place for Spark. If you have a request, put it here, and the developers will incorporate it into the version tracker if they deem it a good feature and feasible. Others may comment on it and maybe a plug-in developer will even do it!

For Wildfire, do the same thing in the Wildfire forums.

Valid useful suggestions after having used Spark and Wildfire for a while

We use spark 1.1.0 on windows xp and wildfire 2.4.4 on linux redhat fedora

1 - spark client should auto sign in by default and you have to unselect this during install if you don’'t want it… (Do you know how hard it is to gather support for this at least in my experience… people will sign in for a bit but they need to be reminded)

2 - spark plugs we need them badly where we get them?

3 - video conferencing with webcams and voice with headsets

4 - possibly make spark lighter in terms of memory consumption can you run up java.exe instead? people wont notice that and complain

5 - what is with the 8K file size limit for the avtars?

6 - can you add pre established server side groups with all their associated members from the client? I add say admins on the client which exists on the server and has people associated with it… its like its creating a local admins group and does not populate… we do not want to force all groups on people as their client will get cluttered fast instead we would like to let them add who they want.

7- User account request page… Instead of an auto enrollment page offer up a request for account page that will put the accounts pending an admins approval and all the admin has to do is maybe add a group or two from the one approve page and sanity check and approve the request which will in turn send an email to the user providing the link to the client and the install instructions along with credentials. oh forgot add them to a conf room maybe too… drop down menus are nice (meaning on the approve page).

8- hash the passwords in the mysql DB! (IMPORTANT)

9- Disable broadcasts on client and server or at least have the option to… 10,000 users abusing broadcasts might be an issue

10- Option to disable and or throttle file transfers… what if you have people over vpn links from home with limited bandwidth if they take it all up for file transfers it might pose problems for other users…

I cant think of any more at the moment hopefully these will be understood and deemed useful and very hopefully incorporate into the the new release of spark and wildfire hopefully to come out on monday. As you can say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one…

All the best… love your products so far…

  • Cliff

ops posted the wildfire ones here… ill snip them out and paste them in the wildfire forum… sorry for the added reading and thanks for all the replys so far…