How to subscribe same node using same JID at same time


I build a XMPP client using smack 3.2.1, the openfire server is 3.7.1.

I have created a node at openfire server. Then I run two XMPP clients (same JID) to subscribe this node** at same time. **

At one of XMPP client log, I see “stream: conflict”.

I know there is a system configuration “xmpp.pubsub.multiple-subscriptions” which can enable or disable multi-subscriptions.

But I still can not enable these two client subscribe node at same time.

I have two questions:

  1. Does openfire support this deployment?

  2. If support, Can openfire load balance notification to these two clients?



I solved this issue.

The following link gives me some hints:

I need to provide “resouce parameters” when XMPP client connect to the XMPP server.

Thanks for this great product.