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How to support multiple Languages in web client?


We want to start enabling our web client to display to the client in their local language.

My understanding is that via the Spark Client an Agent can only log into 1 workgroup.

Via the Admin interface the text and images are configurable and could be specific to a language.

There is no easily configurable text at the queue level it is only at the WorkGroup level.

We have agents that answer questions in 3 - 5 different languages. Which approach will work?

It seems we need to have queues for each language since an agent can only log into 1 workgroup. We can provide a drop down to select your language and get routed to the appropriate queue. However how to I get the actual client text and images translated? The only thing I can think to do is to have super tight coupling between the client and the server, by translating all the text and images and using our own text to populate the fields configured on the admin.

Tell me there is a better approach?