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How to Switch from the Openfire DB to MySql DB

I originally started OpenFire with the built in DB for testing now I want to point it at a MySql DB that I created using the help topics. I can’'t seem to figure out where in the OpenFire admin module where you do this? I even tried uninstalling both OpenFire and Spark then reinsstalling but it came back with the built in DB? I really don;t care about the data we had during test I just want to switch it to MySql.


if you want to run the setup wizard again you can edit conf/openfire.xml and change “true” to “false” within: “”. Restarting Openfire should you allow to run the setup again.

If this does not help you may want to uninstall Openfire and make sure to delete the openfire/conf and the openfire/embedded-ed directory.