How to transfer current chat to other person using smack-open fire in android client

Hello all,

We have developed a one to one chatting application, which is working fine with open fire server and mysql database as database.

Now we have requirement of transferring chats, Consider the following scenario:

** “A” chats with “B”, now “B” is not able to solve the query of “A”, so need to transfer the chat to higher authority.**

Is there any way so that higher authority can track the chatting history of “A” & “B”.

Is it possible for “A” to create group consisting higher authority, “B” and “A” itself from one to one chat between “A” & “B”.

Looking for solutions.

Thanks in advance.

My first thought would be to utilize multi-user group chats for this purpose, as those by default can retain some history. Please note that there’s no definition of roles or ‘higher authority’ in Openfire (other than administrative users, which serves different purpose completely).

It might be of interest to you to look at the FastPath implementation (both in Openfire as well as in Spark), as that offers much of the functionality that you appear be after.

Hello , can you give me some details about group chat.

Is it possible to have predefined groups and adding new user to it temporarily.

If yes then is it possible to create groups using smack.

Can we hide group members from other temporary users.

Openfire implements the XMPP “Multi-User Chat” specification. It supports an enormous set of functionality - more than that I care to get into detail here. Have a look for yourself!