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How to transfer embedded db to another db?


I got a question. Do I need to install the DB (mysql or dbmaria) on Ubuntu before transfer those files to a new server (Ubuntu)? Or just transfers thoses without install de DB on Ubuntu.

I would like to restore the embedded from windows to Ubuntu.

Thank you

No need to resurrect 12 year old thread. I have moved your post to a new separate one. Feel free to edit the title, im not sure i understood your question correctly. If you want to migrate from embedded db to mysql or such you will have to first dump/import this db somehow. It is a simple text file though, so I’m not sure what is the best way to do. Maybe just open it with some editor and run all the imports manually in a new db and then install fresh Openfire and point to that new db during the setup.

Don’t I need install a sql o my server or dBmaria (Ubuntu)? Do I install a fresh openfire and transfer manually the folder embedded?

PS: my openfire run on Win server and I will migrate it to a Ubuntu.


So, do you want to use the same embedded db or migrate to standalone db like mysql? In a first scenario you can just move a few files. As i mentioned embedded db is just a few txt files.

That’s right, but the question is should I install any DB application on my Ubuntu and after that transfer the embedded folder? Do I have do something else after theses steps?

No, you don’t need to install db or do anything else. Openfire runs embedded database on its own (hence the name ‘embedded’).

Ok. I’ll reinstall the Ubuntu and openfire again. I will let you know.
Note: the openfire version running on win server is 3.5.1. I’ll upgrade it to openfire 4.4.1. Is it ok?

Most probably you will run into problems when trying to upgrade from such ancient version. Maybe even it won’t be possible. Try the incremental upgrades and see how far you can go Explanation: upgrading Openfire

We get it done! Thank you for help me.

My steps to get it done.

1 - Install the same version of openfire (like you said it)

2 - start openfire web configuration (login\password)

3 - Openfire and mariadb services stopped.

4 - transfer embedded.db from windows to Ubuntu by WINSCP.

5 - Grant permissions on openfire over files and folders (I don’t remember the folders and sub folders) this was very important!

6 - restart openfire and mariadb services and run web application.

If you want I can’t bring more information about the installation.

Best regards