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How to uninstall spark in Centos7

I used command for

sudo rpm -e spark

but getting package spark is not installed

i also remove file in –

sudo rm -rf /user/share/spark

when i install again it say using command

sudo rpm -ivh spark-2.8.1 it say package spark- is already installed

it say package spark- is already installed .

Please let me how to fully remove spark and installed again

I see Spark still running on the background. Maybe you should stop it first. I’m not familiar with rpm commands.

Also, why do you want to reinstall it?

actually, I update it to 2.8.1 but it not working with my Centos7, so i want to remove it and then install the fresh one.

At least in Fedora i had to use command: sudo dnf remove Spark

It is case sensitive, so it wouldn’t work with spark.

Yep, same thing on CentOS. To remove Spark you have to run this:

yum remove Spark

First letter must be capital.